This blog contains thoughts on my own research experience and other random stuffs collected during *brief* periods of procastination.

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Test-driven development note.

1 minute read

Suppose we want to design a process that provides multiple services. Each service is a microservice, that is it is stateless and all that RESTful thingy. How...

Returning None or raising Exception

less than 1 minute read

During my development of toppra, a thing bugs me quite often: how to handle failure? The problem is that toppra is a fairly complicated algorithm with severa...

Commonly used beamer commands

1 minute read

Changing presentation layout, class or selecting beamer presentation: \documentclass[pdf, mathserif, aspectratio=169]{beamer}

Logging in Python

2 minute read

Overview Logging properly is important. Beside from being much easier to develop, an application with a good logging system is much easier to maintain. This ...